Service Center

Service concept: You can not talk about "after-sales" service, should pay more attention to "pre-sale" shelf life, service is the most defective products, Remedy. Company has strong technology power with complete equipment, advanced processing and perfect?test system, and also has independent ability of design, research, installation and test.

Service Process
Pre-sale service:

1, order generation archiving.   2, knitting machine offline warranty inspection records check

Sale of services:

3, knitting machine transport packaging requirements.   4, delivery time and place knitting machine.   5, installation and commissioning personnel selected, time is determined.

After-sale service:

6, the issue of single service.   7, arrive on the job site to work.   8, determine the cause of the fault repair registration.   9, the issue of single service.   10, personnel arrangements for communicating maintenance program.   11, apply for spare parts to arrive on time to work.   12, diagnosis, maintenance for technical support.   13, after the maintenance of the normal state, on-site monitoring.   14, on-site guidance and training.   15, cleaning cleaning, maintenance of the site.   16, customer service advice issued to confirm the effect of maintenance.   17, leave a contact phone, reporting, back to the company.   18, submit a single service, troubleshooting cases reported.   19, entered service files.   20, telephone interviews clients.

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